ESTAMOS ACA! We’re here!!

April 24th, 2010 at 11:15 am by Jennifer Levy

After a long 20 hour trip, from Seattle to Dallas, Dallas to Santiago Chile, and finally Santiago to Cordoba, we are here in the hotel, in the city of Cordoba, safe and sound. All of my worry was for nothing concerning whether we were going to be able to get all the donations through customs. We had no problem whatsoever….the customs form even specifically said that there is no tax on or need to declare “used clothing or objects.” WHAT A RELIEF! We successfully got 300 pounds of donations for the elders into the country without any hassle. HOORAY! MISSION COMPLETE!

The flights went well, except the flight to Chile was a little late and we ended up only having a half hour before our plane to Cordoba left, and when we got to security for international connecting flights, Eason, the 16-year-old family friend traveling with us, realized he had left his passport in the seat pocket on the other airplane! So we ran back, they held the plane for us, got the passport and finally got safely onto our flight to Cordoba. It was definitely a close one.

The weather is like Seattle today….cloudy and cool, although no rain. We are 4 hours ahead so I’m about ready for a little nap because tonight we are having a welcome party for us at the Asamblea, which is a clinic where I first volunteered before being set up with the Geriatrico San Jorge when I was here last year. So hopefully all my friends will be there to eat empanadas, drink some yummy Argentine wine and beer, and of course catch up on what’s going on. Stay tuned!

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And we’re off!

April 23rd, 2010 at 11:57 am by Jennifer Levy

I’m sitting on the plane trying to write a last quick update before my computer dies and they make us “power off all electronic devices”. I woke up this morning with my stomach turning….were they going to let us check all our bags, how much overage would it be, would it cost, will all our flights go smoothly. I’ve traveled so much before and for some reason this time I’m more nervous. Maybe because I want everything to go well, because we spent weeks trying to organize everything and do as much as we could to collect and gather donations for the elders.

We got to the airport and of course, two of the checked bags were overweight…one was 60lbs and the other was 70! And unfortunately when flying internationally, you have to follow the international carrier’s rules for baggage, and LAN (that we are flying from Santiago to Cordoba) charges $90 PER OVERWEIGHT BAG! So there was $180 right there. It didn’t make sense trying to redistribute the stuff because it was packed away in big vacuum bags and whatnot, so that’s why we have collected monetary donations, to help with stuff like this. Then the agent checking us in couldn’t find the santiago to cordoba leg to check our bags all the way through, and we only have an hour between our flights, so we can’t recheck them. I was like, great, this is a fabulous way to start this trip…uugghhhh

Well our luck turned around soon enough…not only did the agent (her name is Joanne) find the last leg to check our bags all the way through, but she was so grateful for our patience in trying to figure everything out that she upgraded us to first class! When my dad asked for her card to write her a positive review on the Alaska Air website, he continued to tell her why we were traveling and that the checked bags help donations for the non-profit. She said, why didn’t you say so? And voided the $180 for the bags! Must turn off everything now! Will write when we arrive!

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Less than 12 hours to go…

April 22nd, 2010 at 10:50 pm by Jennifer Levy

It’s 10:45pm on thursday night and I’m tired, but can’t sleep yet because there is still more packing, more organizing, more paperwork to do. We’ve already packed up 6 bags to check (2 per person) of in-kind donations we’ve collected over the past month of clothes, bedding, blankets, toiletries, and homegoods. That was a week-long project. Now I must finish packing my stuff, a carry-on only.

I also need to print out a final copy of the 501(c)3 application to bring to the lawyer tomorrow morning on our way to the airport so he can review it and we can send it out by the time I get back. We are one step closer to having our tax-exempt status!

In less than 12 hours we’ll be on our way to the airport, with fingers crossed that the bags aren’t overweight.

Check out more info about Los Abuelitos at and email me with any comments or questions!

Hasta manana y buenas noches,

Jennifer Levy

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Welcome to Los Abuelitos! T-1 day to Argentina!

April 22nd, 2010 at 5:47 pm by Jennifer Levy

Hello all!

Jennifer Levy here….I am the founder and president of the new grassroots organization called Los Abuelitos. Los Abuelitos is an endearing terms for “the grandparents” in Spanish, and the name was inspired by the elderly that we assist in our organization. Los Abuelitos is an effort to support underserved elderly populations around the world, and our initial location is in Cordoba, Argentina. We recently started working with a home in Pisco, Peru as well.

We aim to improve the well-being and quality of life for the elders in the geriatric homes that we work with through sending volunteers, both in healthcare and other areas of expertise, as well as inviting any traveler, student, family or other interested person to work with the elders of Los Abuelitos, while experiencing the cultures and lifestyles of the countries where we are located.

Tomorrow I head off to Cordoba with my father Robert Levy who is also the Treasurer of the board, and a family friend who is 16-years-old and interested in Argentina, Physical Therapy, and volunteering! We will be there for a week and come home on May 1st, so please continue to follow us along as we make our way through the week. I will be posting updates daily about what is going on down there and the progress that we are making. Please check out our website as well at Make sure it ends in .org because in the article it was mis-typed as .com. So go to and find more information about how we got started, how you can help, specifics of our mission, and links to our facebook page, personal blog and photos!

Also feel free to email me personally with any questions, comments or anything else at

Thank you!

Jennifer Levy

Founder/President, Los Abuelitos

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Follow us!

Hi all, above will the the posts that I write on the blog set up by the Kent Reporter for me during my week-long trip in Argentina. After the interview, the reporter at the Kent Reporter asked if i would be willing to keep a blog during my trip for people to follow…so I said of course! I am copying each post on here, but if you are interested in accessing that blog and also checking out the article that the wrote along with it, go to: and follow along!

Also, the link to the Kent Reporter article is:

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UPDATE Post-Peru trip!

So I just got back from Peru a week ago this past sunday and while I was down there working with Pisco Sin Fronteras, I found TWO projects for Los Abuelitos to help with! One is a geriatric home called Hogar de los Ancianos in Pisco that has all the same needs as the ones in Argentina, and another is CORPAM which is a clinic being started by a Rotary Club in Lima for elders who can’t afford healthcare. They eventually want to build rooms so elders can actually live there. So we have a lot going on and therefore need more people on board to help! So please contact me if you are willing to get more involved!

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We finally had a truck today… it was one hour late but we got all the furniture over to the new address and unloaded before dark…. last of the moving updates.

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