Friday April 30th- Countdown to Homeward Bound

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After a breakfast of coffee and medialunas (little croissants the Argentines eat every day), we headed out with Lili to do some souvenir shopping downtown. Lili was going to class to become a Notary, but she said she hadn’t missed one class all term and she’s allowed three misses, so she played hooky to take us shopping! :) We found some beautiful jewelry, leather goods and other gifts for friends and family. After we were done shopping for gifts, we wanted to buy some pillows for Osvaldo’s homes because what they were sleeping on for a pillow was atrocious. They must have used them for decades and they were so flat and smelly that they were probably making these people sick. So we went pillow shopping…and pillows are not cheap! But we finally found some that were decently priced, 40 pesos a pillow, and bought 16 of them, 8 for each home. They were a huge step up from what they were using now, that’s for sure. So after dropping almost $175 on pillows, we hurried back to the hotel to finish packing up. On our way through the city, there was a huge protest going on in the streets by the factory workers. They were chanting and marching with big signs that basically said, pay us more because we can’t afford the basic necessities that we are making in the factories! It was quite a racket, but really interesting to see. Protests are practically daily occurrences in that country, so it was cool to actually witness one.

After we packed up everything at the hotel (much less than what we came with obviously), we went to Los Boulevares to drop the pillows at Ariel’s house because unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to bring them to San Martin ourselves. Ariel is going to bring them over to Osvaldo on Tuesday when he’s there and then will bring the remaining pillows along with the other supplies and clothes up to Soto when he goes there. We stopped by Cesar and Lili’s house to say a promised farewell to them and Lili’s mother, and then they finally packed us in a taxi for our final cab ride to the airport. Once there, we had a last couple of Argentine snacks before boarding the plane and saying hasta luego to the town that we step foot in barely a week earlier.

It was a short trip, but a lot got done, and successfully. Unfortunately, there is never time for everything, but we were able to get working with two more homes and provide an updated bathroom and more comfortable, clean beds for the people who lived there. But there is always much more to do, which is why I really hope people start realizing that they can truly make a difference and have a hand in improving the lives of these elders. Any skill or interest you have and want to bring to enlighten this amazing group of people, please contact me asap to discuss how we can make it happen. Remember, Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” So now is the time to act on it and make it a reality. Please be in touch and thank you for following our week-long adventure.

Sincerely and with much thanks,

Jennifer Levy


Los Abuelitos


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End of Thursday 4/29/10

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