End of Thursday 4/29/10

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Unfortunately, we only had a few hours to spend at Osvaldo’s home with the elders and fixing up the rooms as much as we could. Liliana and Cesar were expecting us for lunch at 1:30pm so we had to get going. If we had more time, it would’ve been great to paint the bedrooms and add a little color to the place…as well as putting up pictures or other things. The walls were completely bare and in dire need of a cleaning and painting. The outside was also screaming for a power wash, but hopefully there will be volunteers in the future that will be willing to do this work for them. So after many hugs, kisses and goodbyes, we left San Martin, with Ruben, Osvaldo, and one of the other men waving at us from outside the gate until we rounded the corner in the taxi. Unfortunately we weren’t able to make the 4 hour trip to Soto, but the good news is that Ariel will be going up there in the next few weeks with Osvaldo to take pictures, meet the elders, take a survey of the place and their needs, and gather the information we need. It really sounds like we’re going two have two distinct, great places for volunteers of all kinds to go and help.

After a lunch of matambre (Argentine pot roast) with Liliana, Cesar, Candelaria and Lili’s mom, we ran back to the hotel to change before going over to Augusto’s, the lawyer’s, house for dinner. He had invited us over to meet his family and was planning on making another huge asado, but we were asado-ed out, and so said pizza would be fine! It was such a sweet offer and I’m so glad we went. Augusto’s wife, Julie, is a psycologist and works in a geriatric home. She was very interested in Los Abuelitos and really wanted to talk about how she could get involved. It was great to have the opportunity to sit down with her and discuss what she knows so well and has years of experience in: working with the elders. Psychology is just as important as any physical healthcare and I’m really hoping with her involvement now, we can also encourage psychologist and psychiatrist volunteers to go down and work with the elders, as well as psychology students who can be overseen and taught by Julie. I really hope that she can follow through with this, because I know she’d be a great asset to the organization.

We made it an “early” night (10:30) and then went back to the hotel since we were meeting Liliana downtown for breakfast at 8:30 on Friday morning, our final day in Cordoba! With tummies full of yummy pizza and delicious Malbec, we said gracias and buenas noches!


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