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April 28th, 2010 at 8:24 am by Jennifer Levy

So it feels like we’ve been here for weeks! And it’s only been a few days…..The gathering at the Asamblea was soooo fun on saturday night….Every time someone else walked in, my heart leaped. I have missed these people so incredibly much, and it was so great to have them all together again with me. And my dad fit right in…he’s really making an incredible effort to speak the little spanish that he can, and he’s doing great. I’m so very impressed. Even though he couldn’t really understand them and they no ZERO english, everyone still got to know each other and my dad said he felt like he’d known these people forever. It was such a great thing. Eason is a man of few words and doesn’t know much spanish either, so he’s been the observer and taking it all in. It’s definitely been a great experience for him and a real one too. A lot of time when people travel to other countries, they only see the tourist spots and not much else. But Eason and my dad are getting the true Cordobese experience and I think that’s the best one you could ever have.

Sunday we went on a tour outside the city to Belgrano which is in the mountains and it’s basically a little Germany in the province of Cordoba. We had insisted that Ariel and his 11 year old son Arian come with us as a gift for everything they’ve done to help us, and I’m so glad we finally convinced them to do so. We visited a beer factory, strolled a bit, ate a delicious lomo completo, which is a sandwich with beef, lettuce, tomato, ham and cheese and grilled…a common lunch item here and soo delicious. And finally we went to a local park, sat on the grass and drank mate’. Mate’ is very typical of Argentina and is only drank in Argentina, Paraguay and parts of Uruguay. It is a tea that you put in a gourd-ish type cup, pour hot water over it with a little bit sugar and sip through a metal straw called a bombilla and then when you’re done, you fill it with hot water again, pass it to the next person in the group and let them drink it. I thought it was the weirdest thing when i first saw it, but it’s their way of socializing…having coffee together..etc. I LOVE it…so delicious, but it’s definitely something to get used to……after we had mate’, we went to Alta Gracia which is where Che Guevara, the revolutionary, lived for many years. They made a museum out of his old house and it was really cool to see it and everything about his life from beginning to end. The is the one that the movie “The Motorcycle Diaries” is about. Anyways, after spending some time there, we finally made our way back to Cordoba after a lovely day in the mountains and areas outside of the city with our fantastic tour guide Ruben.

We got home around 7 at night, rested at the hotel for a bit, and then finally went out to get dinner at a typical Argentina restaurant. We had delicious empanadas…criolla, Arabe, jamon y queso and manteca. We spent about 2 hours there, and when we were leaving around 11:30pm, live music was just starting and the restaurant was even more packed then when we got there, and it was a sunday night near almost midnight! That’s how they do it here though. Dinner doesn’t start until 9-10pm and they stay up late. It was a great experience and super delicious!


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ESTAMOS ACA! We’re here!! Monday 4/26/10

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