Monday 4/26/10

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April 28th, 2010 at 7:56 pm by Jennifer Levy

After the late night on Sunday, we slept in a little bit later than I had wanted on Monday and by the time we finally got up and out it was around noon-time. We went over to the Asamblea in the barrio, Los Boulevares, which is outside the downtown area. The Asamblea is the community clinic that I originally went to work with when I first came to Cordoba, and who connected me with the local church, and there a woman got me in touch with Geriatrico San Jorge. When we arrived, Liliana and Josepha were sitting down to their lunch and said they’d waited a long time for us to show up. It was a beautiful day in Cordoba, and very chill and quiet around the barrio. It was lunch/siesta time so no one was in the clinic besides Lili and Josepha. They decided they wanted to make us some homemade empanadas and we had no objections to that! Another woman who worked at the clinic, Rosa, showed up and with her brought a bunch of clothes that had been donated. Because the Asamblea is a community-run clinic and offers medical services to the people who can’t afford it, they provide those services for very cheap. Because of that, they rely on a “goodwill”-type of operation to raise some money to help them with paying the rent, utilities, etc. So people donate clothes, and they have a room set up for people to browse and buy things. So we separated the clothes, Eason helped Josepha get the oven (it’s wood-burning and they need to collect kindling) going, and the others were making the empanadas. Some patients started to show up for opthamology appointments and check-ups, and for the dentist. Ariel, our coordinator here, finally showed up and we went to his house, then to the house of some of the other neighbors to discuss Los Abuelitos and how we wanted to integrate the community in our efforts.

Because everything here takes 2 hours longer than it should (it’s called latino time), we spent much longer at each place than we had expected, didn’t eat dinner until 10:30 that evening, and got to bed finally at 1:30. Because things move slower here, we aren’t able to get as much done each day like we hope to, and that’s been frustrating for me because I try to be as efficient as possible. But that’s the culture, and we’ve embraced, and we know that the things that need to get done, will.


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Update Tuesday 4/27/10

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