And we’re off!

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April 23rd, 2010 at 11:57 am by Jennifer Levy

I’m sitting on the plane trying to write a last quick update before my computer dies and they make us “power off all electronic devices”. I woke up this morning with my stomach turning….were they going to let us check all our bags, how much overage would it be, would it cost, will all our flights go smoothly. I’ve traveled so much before and for some reason this time I’m more nervous. Maybe because I want everything to go well, because we spent weeks trying to organize everything and do as much as we could to collect and gather donations for the elders.

We got to the airport and of course, two of the checked bags were overweight…one was 60lbs and the other was 70! And unfortunately when flying internationally, you have to follow the international carrier’s rules for baggage, and LAN (that we are flying from Santiago to Cordoba) charges $90 PER OVERWEIGHT BAG! So there was $180 right there. It didn’t make sense trying to redistribute the stuff because it was packed away in big vacuum bags and whatnot, so that’s why we have collected monetary donations, to help with stuff like this. Then the agent checking us in couldn’t find the santiago to cordoba leg to check our bags all the way through, and we only have an hour between our flights, so we can’t recheck them. I was like, great, this is a fabulous way to start this trip…uugghhhh

Well our luck turned around soon enough…not only did the agent (her name is Joanne) find the last leg to check our bags all the way through, but she was so grateful for our patience in trying to figure everything out that she upgraded us to first class! When my dad asked for her card to write her a positive review on the Alaska Air website, he continued to tell her why we were traveling and that the checked bags help donations for the non-profit. She said, why didn’t you say so? And voided the $180 for the bags! Must turn off everything now! Will write when we arrive!


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Less than 12 hours to go… ESTAMOS ACA! We’re here!!

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