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We finally had a truck today… it was one hour late but we got all the furniture over to the new address and unloaded before dark…. last of the moving updates.


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update, March 22

Irma has keys to the new house and has cleaned it up.  But apparently she´s still searching for a truck. 


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moving update Mar 18

still no keys…. for the house, not the truck. I was mistaken the previous 2 posts.

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Moving update March 17

waiting on keys…. STILL.


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Moving Update, Tues. March 16

I dropped in at the house on Juan Diaz Solis to help move this morning.  But Irma was still waiting for the truck.  She told me she was expecting keys this afternoon, right about now as I write this.  No paper problems though with the new location… still.

Hopefully we´ll be loading tomorrow.

Dev Gangadean (short-term help)

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Well we finally did it! We are officially incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the State of Washington….I got the certificate with the seal from Secretary of State, Sam Reed, and everything! And with that, yesterday I finally had everything I needed to open a bank account for Los Abuelitos. With that done, I will now be able to set up the PayPal account and everyone will be able to BEGIN DONATING!!!!!!!!!!! On tuesday the 16th I have a two-hour appointment set with the lawyer to fill out the paperwork to gain 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. That means when it gets approved, you all can write the donations off on your taxes! Until then, though, please feel free to donate via paypal for whatever you can! I plan to buy the most-needed supplies for the elders after I assess their situations and what they need most when I go down to Argentina in May.

Oh, and with that said, if you have any clothes, toiletries, supplies, housewares, or anything else you think could be useful to make the elder’s lives more comfortable, please contact me at and I would be more than happy to come and pick it up and bring it with me in May to give to the elders who will really appreciate it. So please remember Los Abuelitos when doing your spring cleaning this year! 🙂

Peace and Love,


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